A Ph.D. student investigates unusual seismic activity in Los Angeles, leading to a cabal of elitist scientists, who plan to weaponize Nikola Tesla’s most secret research to manipulate thought patterns and earthquakes.

The Producers Update Corner!

“Final Frequency” is inspired by
The Genius of Nikola Tesla.



When we conceived “Final Frequency,” we wanted to use human issues that are perceived by society as weaknesses, as a source of strength. The central question of the film is, “are all people equal in value, or do some have extra worth because of their wisdom, abilities, or money?”

In the film, Paul is deaf. But, because the film’s cutting-edge weapons are “sonic weapons,” Paul is not affected by their lethal emissions. The lead character teams up with her brother (who is disregarded by the antagonist) and uses her mind to solve the puzzle and avoid doomsday. We also wanted to show the value of homeless veterans by making them a part of the solution. There are two armies that fight in the film. One of these is actual homeless veterans from The Twilight Brigade and the VA in Los Angeles playing themselves.

Genesis of the Film:

The movie is based upon bleeding-edge technologies that are currently kept top secret by world governments. so-called “Psychotronic” technologies are said to affect human brain tissue in dramatic ways, including signs of concussion without subjects having received any blows to the head. World governments including China and the former Soviet Union are intensely interested in this arena of modern arms. Post-Cold War, Vladimir Putin declared that Russia would pursue “new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals,” including psychophysical weapons. His 2014 visit to Cuba bore extravagant gifts, including the cancellation of approximately $30 billion in Cuban debt and later, a pact on mutual defense and technology. In November 2016, American diplomats were assaulted with intense high-pitched sounds dubbed “Immaculate Concussion” by some researchers. The waves produced general incapacitation including nausea, loss of hearing, severe headaches, fatigue, dizziness and sleep issues. The Trump administration warned travelers to avoid Cuba. The press, State Department, and the CIA is curiously silent on these issues.

* Governments routinely deny any such weapons exist. Here are links to more information.
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This film is the result of the “8168 Feature Film Pitch” competition, where finalists pitched their feature film project, after proving themselves by making a short film.” The winners are Director, Tim Lowry and his daughter, 11-year old Director, Rachel Lowry. They are likely the first filmmakers ever to receive a feature film opportunity as a result of a film festival competition prize. The “8168 Feature Film Pitch” competition is operated by 168 Film.

About the Movie
Final Frequency
Sci-fi Thriller
Final Frequency
In Post Production
United States
Winter Star Productions and 8168 Productions, LLC
California Pictures

“FINAL FREQUENCY” Summary: A ph.D student investigates unusual seismic activity in Los Angeles, leading to a cabal of elitist scientists, who plan to weaponize Nikola Tesla's most secret research to manipulate thought patterns and earthquakes. The film stars Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny), Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT), Kirby Bliss Blanton (The Green Inferno), Luke Guldan (The Good Place), Nikki SooHoo (Stick It), Josh Murray (Killing Lincoln), Abhay Walia (Seven Rounds) and Kim Estes (Crossroad).

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Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT, “Stargirl” as Hourman)Read More
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Director and Producers
DIRECTOR TIM LOWRY is an award-winning writer-director-producer and visual effects artist, whose credits include directing the Tesla-inspired, Sci-fi feature, “Final Frequency.”Read More
PRODUCER JOHN DAVID WARE is an award-winning writer-director-producer, whose credits include directing the feature film ``Unbridled,`` starring Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and T.C. Stallings.Read More
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER DERRICK WARFEL is an award winning writer-director-producer and CEO of Winter Star Productions. In addition to “Final Frequency,” He is producing a kids action film, “Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat”.Read More
PRODUCER JOTH RIGGS is an award-winning filmmaker who got his start on the set of Pet Sematary II. After Assistant Directing for many years on feature films like “Starship Troopers,” “End of Days,” and “Suicide Kings”.Read More
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